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Fluridone herbicide controls duckweed and nearly all submerged pond weed varieties, except algae.

  • Allow 30 - 45 days for best results
  • Great for entire bodies of water but not meant for treating a portion of a pond or lake.
Fluridone is also available in our PONDRestore® kits. 

For a more complete solution, we recommend a pond weed control kit such as PONDRestore® (kit includes Fluridone or Diquat).

Fluridone herbicide is a great product for duckweed control. Combine with an algaecide such as Mizzen® for algae control.

Fluridone is a proven and popular active ingredient for controlling aquatic weeds in fresh water ponds. Fluridone effectively controls a wide range of floating, submersed and emersed aquatic vegetation, including duckweed. Do not irrigate established turf/plants out of treated pond for 30 days see label in resources.

Controls and prevents: Hydrilla, Bladderwort, Watermilfoil, Naiad, Elodea, Water-lily, Pondweed, Coontail and Duckweed.

We reserve the right to impose quantity limits for Fluridone purchases.

Types of Weeds Controlled:
Submerged Weeds

Refer to product label for complete instructions.

Fluridone Instructions

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Past Reviews/Comments:

  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - My one acre pond was covered in duckweed and I used Fluridone to treat it. The duck weed is now gone and my pond looks fabulous! Thanks Lake Restoration! (6/18/2014 12:00:00 AM)

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