Frequently Asked Questions

How long after the treatment before I will see results, and what will the results be?
Most aquatic plants will decompose in about two weeks.  In general, we will control about 85% of the aquatic plants, sometimes more, sometimes less. There are some species that are very difficult to control. These include: Vallisneria, Clasping-leaf Pondweed and Largeleaf Pondweed, and Chara.

How will I know when the treatment has been made?
Notification signs affixed to stakes are placed at various locations near your shoreline after a treatment has been made.

What herbicides do you use?
All the herbicides and algaecides that we use are approved by the Department of Natural Resources, State Department of Agriculture office, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The herbicides we use in your area will depend upon the types of lake weeds present at the time of inspection. After the treatment has been made, the herbicides used will be noted on the signed posted at your property.

How long before I can swim, fish, or use the water for my lawn?

Exact restrictions will be posted on the notification signs. These restrictions only apply to treated areas.

What treatments get rid of waterlilies and cattails?

Treatments for floating and emergent plants such as waterlilies, cattails, and purple loosestrife cannot be made effectively until August. These treatments require a special permit and have an additional cost. Please call Lake Restoration at #763-428-9777 (option #3) if these plants become a nuisance.

Do you offer fountain installation?

We are offering an installation program for our Vitaflume® floating fountains. Currently this program is only available for our pond customers within our service area.