Mosquito Control

Use our mosquito control products and say good-bye to mosquitoes so you can enjoy a mosquito free home or backyard. We recommend treating for mosquitoes  throughout the summer to protect your you, your family, and your pets!   Be mosquito free this summer when you take charge of your yard!

Microbe Lift BMC, a mosquito larvaecide works by seeding the water which results in producing a toxin that kills mosquitoes.  But, is entirely non-harmful to humans, pets and wildlife. Microbe Lift BMC will only work on mosquitoes and not control other pests.  It will work on the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus, Zika virus and other diseases.   Microbe Life BMC is a great product to win the battle against younger mosquitoes that have just started their life cycle in the water.

We recommend using Bifen IT or Demon Max to get rid of the pesky adult mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes are one of the most common household pests. They carry a multitude of diseases, and generally are not pleasant to be around.  We recommend using a Pyrethroid product to kill adult mosquitoes easily. Bifen IT or Demon Max can be applied to greenery, gardens, lawns and any area where mosquitoes are common. 

Microbe-Lift BMC
Price: $17.95
Bifen I/T
Price: $14.90
Demon Max
Price: $24.99
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