Pond Dyes

Blue Pond Dye and Black Pond Dye

Due to uncontrollable geographic properties, a pond’s water may become dull, cloudy, or a dirty brown. A great way to reconcile this and enhance the beauty of your pond is to use special dyes designed for ponds. Not only do the dyes color your pond, but many dyes such as Aquashade also have UV filtering properties which lead to lessened weed growth. Read more about the benefits of dying your pond. 

Sapphire Bay®
Price: $45.00 (USD)
Bright Blue Pond Dye
Price: $29.00 (USD)
Deep Blue Pond Dye
Price: $29.00 (USD)
Reflection Black Pond Dye
Price: $29.00 (USD)
Price: $54.00 (USD)
Loch Ness
Price: $34.00 (USD)