Our guarantee is that our Lake Restoration products will control the target plant or algae when label guidelines regarding application rates and timing for your region are followed. Additional product(s) suited to your size of pond or dock and swim area will be sent one time; however, it will not exceed a maximum of $1000.

Work with our Aquatic Experts to customize products that are timed and measured to give your pond, or dock and swim area what it needs, when it needs it, to keep it beautiful, clear and healthy!

Contact our Lake Restoration Aquatic Experts (877-428-8898).

Photos of your pond or lake will be required. Lake Restoration, Inc. reserves the right to modify this annual Guarantee Program at any time without prior notice. Control of watermeal, resistant algae and other aquatic plants not controlled by aquatic herbicides are exempt from this program. Does not cover regrowth or reintroduction of aquatic weeds and algae.