Dock Area Products Chart

Pond Products

Lake Restoration, Inc. has the solution for you. The product finder is an easy way for you to visually see the best solution plus an alternative solution to your aquatic weed problem. If you have any questions please let one of our knowledgeable representatives help you today!

Emergent Weeds

Emergent weeds include:

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Cattail & Water Lily Control

Control Cattails and Water Lilies with this fast acting herbicide.

Floating Weeds

Floating weed types include:

Submerged Weeds

Submerged weed types include:


Algae weed types include:

Excess Nutrients

Treat excess nutrients in lakes and ponds.

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POND Solution Products

Our pond products are easy-to-use and are great at controlling floating and submerged weeds in ponds of any size. Our products are Dibrox® herbicide, Mizzen® algaecide, a nutrient reducer and blue pond dye. We recommend using these products to get you on your way to a beautiful, clear, and healthy pond.