Aquatic Herbicides Water Use Restrictions

Herbicide Name No Swimming Do Not Use Fish for Food or Feed Other Uses, including irrigation, Stock watering, Lawn watering, Etc.
Hydrothol Granular None Mentioned None Mentioned 14 days - applied @ up to 3 ppm a.i.
Navigate None Mentioned None Mentioned Unless an approved assay indicates the 2,4-D concentration is 100 ppb (0.1 ppm) or less, do not use water from treated areas for irrigating plants or mixing sprays for agricultural or ornamental plants.
Copper Sulfate 0 0 0
Aquashade 0 0 0
Glyphosate (Open Water Kit®) 0 0 At application rates of 6-20 ppb, Glyphosate MAY BE APPLIED where functioning potable water intakes are present.
Fluridone 0 0 Allow 30 days after application for irrigation from a treated area