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The Goose D-Fence® System -

Easily Control Geese and Keep Them Off Your Yard!

The Goose D-Fence® is a specially engineered, retractable fence meant for goose control that keeps unwanted geese off your property and can be installed or removed in less than 10 minutes. Unless you know it's there, it practically goes unnoticed. When it comes time to play, mow, or access the water, simply wind it up.

How do we know the Goose D-Fence® is effective at controlling geese? Researchers have discovered that geese require easy access to food and a drink of water every 30 minutes. By installing the Goose D-Fence® you eliminate that access, and the geese will move on to other locations which better suit them. Why don't they fly over the fence? During a couple of months each summer they shed feathers and thus lose their ability to fly. During the rest of the summer, they simply prefer not to fly if they don't have to.

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Goose D-Fence System

Goose D-Fence® System

The Goose D-Fence® is a patented, retractable fence designed to control geese near ponds and lakes. Simply wind it up when it's time to play.

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Goose D-Fense System - Additional Post

Goose D-Fence® System Additional Post

Additional posts for larger geese fences.

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Goose D-Fence System - Replacement Spool

Goose D-Fence® System - Replacement Spool

Extra Goose D-Fence® System spools.

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The US Patent office granted patents 6,622,436 and 6,626,391 on the Goose D-Fence®.

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