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Add beauty to your pond or lake with our Vitaflume® Floating Fountains. We make the Vitaflume® Fountains and sell them directly to our customers, ensuring quality, best price and peace of mind. We take out the middle man and pass those savings along to you! Our Lake Restoration Vitaflume® fountains are made from high quality stainless steel. Our fountains help you maintain the health and beauty of your water for years to come. You'll always work directly with us for any additional support needs throughout the lifetime of your fountain. All of our fountains come with a 1 year warranty.

Contact our Fountain Experts toll free at 1-877-428-8898 (Option 1).

Vortex Floating Aerating Fountains

Our Vitaflume® Vortex Aerating Fountains are a great way to customize your water, while promoting excellent oxygenation for your pond or dock area. The Vortex fountains come in three sizes and have optional lighting. Make your water centerpiece your very own! Choose from the three pump sizes below.

Decorative Display Fountains

The Vitaflume® Decorative Display Fountains are the perfect centerpiece for your pond or small lake. Decorative fountains not only look great, but they also oxygenate your water, creating a clean and healthy water environment. Included is two spray patterns, the Imperial and the Geyser, for a custom look. Choose from the three pump sizes below.


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