Aquatic Plants

To help you identify what aquatic plants you have in your lake or pond, we have created the tools below. If you have a good close-up photo of your plant, our Reverse Image Search does the work for you. Simply upload your photo using the submission box below. Otherwise, consult our Aquatic Plant Digital Field Guide to determine what plant(s) you have based on observable characteristics.

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Isolated close up of leafy pondweed on white background.

Leafy Pondweed

Horned pondweed floating in a cluster at the surface of the water.

Horned Pondweed

Isolated close up of waterthread pondweed on white background.

Waterthread Pondweed

Close up of variable leaf pondweed floating on water.

Variable Leaf Pondweed

Close up of ribbonleaf pondweed from above.

Ribbonleaf Pondweed

Mat of widgeon grass floating at the surface of the water.

Widgeon Grass

Variable leaf watermilfoil in an aquarium.

Variable Leaf Watermilfoil

red myrio
Small cluster of quillworts growing underwater.


Indian swampweed underwater.

Indian Swampweed

Duck lettuce floating in water with leaves and two flowers.

Duck Lettuce

Isolated brittle naiad on white background.

Brittle Naiad

brittle waternymph, spiny naiad
Close up of floating watermoss with some duckweed around.

Floating Watermoss

eared watermoss, floating fern, water butterfly wings
Close up of giant salvinia in various life stages.

Giant Salvinia

eared Salvinia, Kariba weed, African pyle, aquarium watermoss, koi kandy
Pond water starwort in shallow water.

Pond Water Starwort

common starwort
Floating crystalwort close up.

Floating Crystalwort

Close up of yellowcress flowers in the process of budding.


Yellow floating heart leaves on water with flowers sticking out.

Yellow Floating Heart

Small group of yellow flag along the water.

Yellow Flag

yellow iris
Northern wild rice groups growing in shallow water.

Northern Wild Rice

Annual wild rice in a field.

Annual Wild Rice

Indian rice, southern rice