Customer from Mahtomedi

"The LAKEMAID® works wonders. If it cleans up our lake, it will clean up any lake. We're seeing white sand."

Emily from Lake Roosevelt

"The LAKEMAID® performed as described. After 5 days of operation, weeds that could be seen above water were gone and lake bottom was visible."

Carl from Medicine Lake

"A quick removal of weeds making for a desirable place for the kids to play." (referring to the LAKEMAID®)

Rick from Detroit Lake

"We saw results within 24 hours.

Nicole from Oakland

"In general, the LAKEMAID® lake sweeper proved to be a successful, cost-effective, low maintenance plant control method for small areas."

Dave from White Bear Lake

"We found the LAKEMAID® to be an excellent solution to our lake weed problem!"

Bill from Excelsior

"The GOOSE D-FENCE® works great. I'm happy that I have it. We've had no geese in the yard since putting it up. Couple of days ago a few geese showed up - looked at it and left. Great Product."

Norm from Wayzata

"The GOOSE D-FENCE® works great! Incredibly easy to install, takes less than 15 minutes to do 100 feet of shoreline. It's very effective - no geese since putting it up. I am a very happy customer."

Bill from Massachusetts

"I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your GOOSE D-FENCE® system. I live on a lake and I had just put down fresh sod. The geese thought it was a buffet and I quickly had a terrible mess on my hands. I tried one of those liquid goose repellents and not only did it not work, but it made the neighborhood smell like sour grapes. I took a chance with the Goose D-Fence and I haven't had a goose on my lawn since. It was fast and easy to put up. It's not an eye sore at all; the line is barely visible, and it retracts with ease. Thanks for saving my yard!"

Lee & Peggy from Louisiana

"I just wanted to let you know that we are another satisfied customer!! We have a small pond of about 3/4 acre. It was completely covered with duck weed and after unsuccessful attempts of manually removing the weeds and purchasing grass carp, we found your product on-line. On May 6, 2010 we applied PONDRestore® and yesterday, June 17, 2010, our pond is clear of all duck weed!! We are extremely glad we found your product!!"

Stephen from Oostburg

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to neighbors, friends, and farmers both products: PONDRestore® and PONDRestore® Ultra, and have done in the past to others. It works great. In addition to adding pleasing color it keeps my algae down and doesn't affect turtles and wildlife I'm trying to establish in my pond. We use it for recreational swimming with no Ill effects. I've had people do work around the farm and have stated the color reminds them of Florida's coral reef areas. I'm pleased with the results and will continue using them."

James & Cathy from Alachua

"I had to write to express our gratitude for your PONDRestore® Ultra. My wife and I have been battling aquatic weeds - mostly duckweed - since we purchased our place in north Florida in 2003. We have a small spring-fed pond that is approximately 60' x 150' and it has been a maintenance nightmare since we moved here. During the warmer months (March through November), skimming and physically removing duckweed has been a weekly endeavor that we used to dread, especially considering that it is so hot and humid here for much of the year. In fact, it got to the point a few months ago that we were considering hiring a contractor to remove the earthen dam that impounds the pond.

About six weeks ago, my wife found your web site and purchased PONDRestore® Ultra. We applied the products four weeks ago and our pond looks like it never has before. All of the algae and nearly all of the duckweed is now gone. The water is beautiful and, for the first time, we have actually been able to see fish in our pond. As a matter of fact, we have begun making plans to build a deck alongside it so that we can sit near it and enjoy it.

Thank you so much for giving us our pond (and our weekends) back!"

David from Pennsylvania

"I have been using the PONDRestore® Ultra products for several years to control weeds and algae in my pond in Central Pennsylvania. I selected Lake Restoration after consulting with your customer service representative. The representative was knowledgeable and asked several questions regarding my application then recommended the PONDRestore® Ultra kit. The products worked perfectly to control weeds and keep the water clear throughout the summer. Thanks for the wonderful service and great advice!"