Goose, Mosquito & Pest Control

We have brought together a great selection of products to reduce the number of geese, pests and mosquitoes around your home, in your pond, or lake.

Use the patented Goose D-Fence® system to keep unwanted geese off your property. Over 10,000 units have been sold. This retractable fence is easy to set up and is a proven goose deterrent.

Enjoy a mosquito free home or backyard when you use our Mosquito Control Products. Protect your family and pets and say good-bye to mosquitoes. We recommend treating throughout the summer. Use our Microbe Lift BMC, a mosquito Larveacide that works by seeding the water which results in producing a toxin that kills mosquitoes, but is entirely non-harmful to humans, pets and wildlife. This product works great in our TORMADA® Product Application Boat.

Pests can be annoying. We have pulled together the best pest control products to help reduce their numbers around your home, in your pond, or lake. Control ticks, ants, crickets, cockroaches, hornets, millepedes, mites, boxelder bugs, the list goes on and on!

Shop our products below to find one suited for your treatment area and pest type.


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