Summer is short. Don’t lose a minute. At Lake Restoration it is our priority to provide you with the highest quality Lake and Pond Services. The solutions we recommend are based on treatments we have made and evaluated.

Why choose Lake Restoration?

Since 1977, Lake Restoration has been a full-service aquatic plant management company for lakes in Minnesota and western Wisconsin along with ponds in the eleven county Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Lake Restoration is a family-owned company based in Minnesota.

Lake Restoration has managed invasive species in hundreds of lakes as well as serviced thousands of ponds and individual lakeshores over our 47 years in business. Our staff are active members in the Aquatic Plant Management Society, and Lake Management Society. We continually leverage industry research and knowledge with our own experience and expertise to provide invasive species control, lake-wide management, and individual lakeshore or pond treatment programs that meet the objectives of our clients and improve our local waters. You can reach out to Lake Restoration in the following ways to assist you in your needs within our service area.

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Alum Treatment

hydrilla infestation

Aquatic Invasive Species


Lake Weed Control


Pond Weed Control