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Lake Restoration

Lake Rakes and Mechanical Lake Weed Removal Tools

Lake Restoration provides great lake and pond rakes for producing a clear swimming area with a sandy bottom. The LAKEMAID® floats in your swimming area and automatically eliminates lake weeds and muck. We also have a selection of hand operated rakes for do-it-yourselfers who want clean up their shorelines.  Our hand operated rakes are also available in bundles to provide even greater control of the weeds and algae.



Get rid of weeds automatically! The LAKEMAID® is an innovative mechanical lake rake system for cutting weeds and clearing beach areas near shorelines and docks. Simply set up the LAKEMAID® and watch it work.

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Aquatic Weed Eradicator

The Aqua Weed Eradicator has a 28" wide blade on both the top and bottom allowing the cutter to scour deep into the muck to remove weeds.

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Beachcomber Lake Rake

The Beachcomber Lake Rake removes weeds at the roots. A durable lake rake that handles even the most stubborn weeds and delivers a clear, sandy lake bottom.

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