Aquatic Forget Me Not

Other Common Names: water forget me not, scorpion grass

(Myosotis scorpioides)


Aquatic forget me not has lance shaped leaves and pale blue flowers that have five petals each and a yellow center.


Aquatic forget me not stems grow four inches to two feet tall, are angled, and slightly hairy. Stalkless leaves grow alternately and are oblong or lance shaped. Leaves have a prominent vein in the middle. The upper surface of the leaves has no hairs to some, and the lower surface has some to a moderate number of hairs. Flowers grow in clusters and bloom May through September. There are five sky blue petals per flower, and the center of the flower is yellow. Aquatic forget me not flowers grow one-fourth of an inch to three-eighths of an inch wide.


Aquatic forget me not can be found across the United States.


stolons, seeds