Asian Marshweed

Other Common Names:

(Limnophila sessiliflora)


Asian marshweed has frilly submersed leaves, oval emersed leaves, and small lavender flowers with an upper lip.


Asian marshweed has thick round stems that can grow up to 12 feet long and emerge many inches above the water’s surface. They are light green to reddish. Submersed leaves are opposite each other, finely divided, and feathery. Emersed leaves grow in whorls of five to eight, are dark green, and can be two-tenths to a half inch long. They are sword shaped and have serrated edges. Single flowers grow directly from the tops of the plants without stalks. Flowers can be blue, lavender, pink, or violet, hairy, and approximately one-fourth of an inch long. Flowers have an upper lip that is white or pink and has two blue dots on it.


Asian marshweed can be found in Texas, Florida, and Georgia.


stem fragments, leaves, or roots