Carolina Fanwort

Other Common Names: Carolina water shield, green Cabomba

(Cabomba caroliniana)


Fanwort is a delicate, feathery looking submerged plant. It has a few elongated floating leaves. The slender stems have a thin jelly coating.


This delicate plant has a few elongated floating leaves that are shield shaped and grow alternately on the stem. The slender stem branches, can grow to more than six feet tall, and have a thin jelly coating. Carolina fanwort has round leaves divided into fan like sections. The dark green submersed leaves are opposite or whorled. Carolina fanwort can have a single white flower at the tip of the stem that stands slightly above the water’s surface. Three to ten feet of water are ideal for fanwort.


To differentiate it from other similar looking plants, look for both the submerged and floating leaves, although these narrow diamond shaped leaves are sparse.


Fanwort can be found across the United States.


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