Frog’s Bit



Frog’s Bit is an emergent aquatic plant with round to heart-shaped leaves and white flowers.


Frog’s Bit has round or heart-shaped leaves that emerge from the water’s surface. The leaves are thick and leathery, bright green and shiny above and reddish underneath. The leaf stalks are slender and have ridges on either side. The plant can be floating or rooted. Frog’s bit blooms from summer to fall with white flowers.

Frog’s Bit can be confused with Water Hyacinth. The main differences are that frog’s bit has a slender leaf stalk with ridges and it has whitish roots while Water Hyacinth has fleshy leaf stalks and dark roots.


Frog's Bit can be found across the southeastern United States.


Stolons develop roots and shoots at the nodes.