Giant Arrowhead

Other Common Names:

(Sagittaria montevidensis)


Giant arrowhead has robust leaf stalks and large leaves that emerge. Flowers have three white petals with a red spot and yellow stamen.


Young plants are completely submersed. As they mature, giant arrowhead stems can grow up to five and three quarter feet tall. They are straight and usually simple but occasionally branch. Leaves grow from robust standing leaf stalks. They are shaped like an arrowhead and can be more than eight inches wide. Leaves stand straight and spread out. Flowers are typically about a half inch long with three petals that are mostly white but have a red splotch at the bottom. There is a ring of yellow stamen in the center. Flowers curve inward and cover most of the fruiting head.


Giant arrowhead can be found in the southern and southeastern United States as well as up the eastern coast to Massachusetts.


roots, seeds