Leafy Pondweed

Other Common Names:

(Potamogeton foliosus)


Leafy pondweed has thread like branching stems. Submersed leaves are green to bronze, thin, and linear. Brown flowers grow in clusters.


Leafy pondweed has thread like stems that root at the nodes and branch at the top, growing up to two and a half feet tall. The leaves are all submersed, green to bronze in color, and are thin and linear with smooth edges. Leaves grow alternate to whorled up to four inches long and one-tenth of an inch wide. The little leaves that grow at the base of the leaf stalk can be one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch long. Brown flowers grow in clusters of four to six.


Leafy pondweed most commonly grows in fresh water but sometimes grows in brackish water.


Leafy pondweed can be found across the United States.


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