Pennsylvania Smartweed

Other Common Names: ladythumb

(Polygonum pensylvanicum, Pesicaria pensylvanica)


Pennsylvania smartweed has sword shaped leaves and small flowers that grow in clusters at the ends of branches. Flowers are rose to white in color.


Pennsylvania smartweed has branching stems that grow one to six and a half inches tall; they are greenish or reddish in color. Alternate leaves grow on short leaf stalks and are sword shaped. They can be one and a half to nearly nine inches long and a half inch to two inches wide. Flowers have eight lobes and are each no more than 16 hundredths of an inch long. Flowers are typically rose to white in color. They grow in clusters at the end of branches.


Pennsylvania smartweed grows in low marshy ground or in mud along ditches, streams, rivers, and pools. Ducks, small birds, and small mammals eat a lot of smartweed seeds.


Pennsylvania smartweed can be found in nearly all 50 states of the United States.


seeds, roots