Other Common Names: cow lily, yellow pond lily, yellow cow lily, bullhead lily, brandy bottle, variegated yellow pond lily

(Nuphar lutea)


Spatterdock has large heart shaped leaves that float on the water or stand up some and yellow flowers.


Spatterdock has huge round to heart shaped green leaves that float on the water or sometimes emerge. Leaves can grow one foot or longer and up to ten inches wide. They overlap at the base and spiral around the long, thick stem. Submersed leaves are similar in size and shape to the floating leaves but thin and transparent. Spatterdock flowers grow up to one inch across and one inch tall, are roundish in shape and cave inward slightly, looking half opened. Flowers are typically yellow and have many petals that are small and thick. The flowers bloom during summer and into fall. Stems can trail along the ground without roots, and spongy rhizomes are cylindrical and huge.


Deer graze on spatterdock and beavers, muskrats, and nutria eat the rhizomes. Ducks and other waterfowl eat the seeds.


Spatterdock can be found across the United States.


rhizomes, seeds