Yellow Floating Heart

Other Common Names:

(Nymphoides peltate)


Yellow floating heart has long leaf stalks and alternate leaves that float on the water. Bright yellow flowers have five petals that look frayed.


Yellow floating heart grows in moving waters and has long, thread like roots that give way to reddish stems underwater. Leaves are on long leaf stalks, attached alternately, and float on the water. Leaves are typically heart shaped and attached where the leaf is split. Leaves have many veins and are dark green in color with brown or yellow undersides. Bright yellow flowers have five petals that look frayed on the edges. There is a smooth triangular section in the middle of each petal. Flowers stand up from the water’s surface a few inches and can grow to be two inches across. Flowers are produced on each leaf.


Yellow floating heart can be found in 25 of the United States, from the northeast down to Texas and the west coast.


rhizomes, fragments, seeds