Lake and Pond Weed Removal Tools: An Overview

With summer arriving let Lake Restoration help you keep your lake healthy and beautiful with our pond and lake weed removal tools, We’ll help find the best option for you.

Here are several options for your pond and lake weed removal needs.

Our LAKEMAID® is a mechanical lake rake weed removal system that drags weed-removing rakes across the lake bottom effectively keeping the areas near your docks and in your swimming areas clear of weeds. Check out the video showing a major improvement after just 2 days, though you’ll likely see an improvement in half that time.

The Midwest Rake Aquatic Weed Eradicator one of the most dependable lake weed removal tools. It goes deep into the muck taking out weeds at their source cutting from both the top and the bottom with its 28” wide serrated blade. You can even get an extension on the handle giving you a 16 foot reach to get to those annoying lily pads at their roots.

Our Beachcomber Lake Rake is a lightweight pond weed removal tool. It pulls out the entire plant helping to prevent regrowth with its 7.5” long teeth. It will also clear away dead leaves, sticks and other lake bottom debris. Use the included 50’ ropes to toss it into the water and clear away those lake weeds.

We can also provide you with the best tools for keeping your beach sand and soil clear. Our Screening Rake will help you make your beach a pleasure to walk on by removing stones and debris. It will do the same for your soil. Use it in your garden, too.

If you have difficult angles or underwater obstacles to work around the Weed Razer Pro is the product for you. Its adjustable blades can reach from 12”- 62” allowing you to get into difficult areas. The Weed Razer Pro’s versatility makes it the perfect pond and lake weed removal tool. Its both the longest and the widest aquatic weed removal product on the market.

The lake rake products we carry at Lake Restoration will help you keep your waterfront and lake beautiful and debris and weed free. Let us help you get the most out of your summertime activities!