Alum Treatment

Alum treatments ranging from over 250 acres to less than 5 acres have been made by Lake Restoration. Cities, watershed districts and lake associations have utilized Lake Restoration services to improve water clarity. Alum treatments prevent the release of phosphorus from the sediments. Algae growth is decreased with the resulting reduction in phosphorus in the water column.

Precision applications are made with our microprocessor application system. The microprocessor automatically adjusts the valves and correspondingly the dose as the barge speed changes. Boom width and dose based upon area and depth are inputted into the microprocessor.

GPS is used for navigation of the barge. The treatment area is defined and loaded into the GPS system to enable accurate coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The die-down of invasive plants after a pesticide treatment generally takes 1-3 weeks. This varies with target species, product used, product rate, and other factors. What does not vary is that Lake Restoration will execute the treatment program as effectively as possible.