Ribbonleaf Pondweed

Other Common Names:

(Potamogeton epihydrus)


Ribbonleaf pondweed’s submersed leaves are floppy and bright green to reddish. They grow two to 10 inches long and nearly a half inch wide.


Ribbonleaf pondweed has fibrous roots that give way to stems growing up to six feet long. The stems are slightly flat and branch some. Submersed leaves alternate on the stems with no leaf stalk, growing two to 10 inches long and eight-hundredths to four-tenths of an inch wide. They are floppy, bright green to reddish, and have a stripe down the center. Floating leaves are not always present, especially in deep water. When they are present, the floating leaves grow opposite on long, flat leaf stalks. They are oval to lance shaped, green, and three-fourths of an inch to a little more than three inches long and a half inch to nearly one and a half inches wide. Flower stalks can grow up to six and a quarter inches long. Flowers are small with four petals.


Ribbonleaf pondweed can be found in the western United States and midwest to the northeastern and southeastern coasts.


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