Pondweed floating on water with emergent buds.

Control Pondweed

Many people ask how to get rid of pondweed. The following options can be considered for how to control pondweed.


Manual/Mechanical Control:

If you are considering how to remove pondweed, physically raking or seining this plant can be a somewhat effective method of control. However, physical control can be difficult. Pondweeds can re-grow from any roots or seeds remaining in the water.


Herbicide Control:

There are multiple options for how to kill pondweeds that offer great or some control.

  1. Spritflo (for ponds with no outflow) – liquid that is poured and spreads throughout the entire body of water, offers extended control.
  2. Hydrothol (for lakes) – granules that are broadcast over the plants.
  3. Dibrox (for ponds or lakes) – liquid that is diluted with water and sprayed over the plants, fast acting. This will give some control.


Treatment Tips:

When treating pondweeds,

  • Spritflo can be used at the first signs of growth.
  • With other herbicides, treat when the plants are established and actively growing.
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