Variable Leaf Pondweed

Other Common Names:

(Potamogeton gramineus)


Variable leaf pondweed’s submersed pointy leaves grow more than five inches long. Floating leaves can be almost three inches long with longer leaf stalks.


Variable leaf pondweed has long rhizomes with fibrous roots and short branches. The submersed leaves can grow more than five inches long and a half inch wide. They are reddish green in color and have pointed tips. Floating leaves grow a half inch to two and three quarter inches long and four-tenths of an inch to one and two-tenths inches wide. The leaf stalks are longer than the leaves themselves. Flower spikes grow above the water a few inches and hold clusters of small flowers. Flower stalks can be nearly eight inches long.


Variable leaf pondweed can be found across the western, northern, and northeastern United States.


roots, seeds