Do you have a Geese Problem?

Have geese made their way back to your lawn? Keep the geese out. Protect your shoreline while allowing easy dock access. Or, protect an entire pond by enclosing the perimeter. Geese prefer easy access to grass and need to drink water about every 30 minutes. Enjoy walking bare foot on your lawn again. The Goose D-Fence system can help rid your property of nuisance geese. The Goose D-Fence is a retractable fence that can be installed or removed in minutes. When it comes time to play, mow, or access the water, simply wind it up! Also, the Goose D-Fence is a great geese deterrent and the system is inconspicuous. Your view of the water is not affected.

The Goose D-Fence has two lines that create a barrier between water and the grass. Geese will seek the path of least resistance and move on to other locations with easier access. During a few months each summer, geese shed enough feathers to lose their ability to fly. At other times, they simply prefer not to fly if they don’t have to.

Each Goose D-Fence system includes the patented retractable system and post with a stainless steel receptacle and one additional post. It covers 250’ with a typical two line set up. Extra posts are available for purchase to accommodate your individual needs. We recommend an additional post for each 50’ you are spanning.