When Should I Dye My Pond?

Due to uncontrollable geographic properties, a pond’s water may become dull, cloudy, or a dirty brown. A great way to reconcile this and enhance the beauty of your pond is to use special dyes designed for ponds. Pond dyes can be applied at any time. They are not chemicals and will not kill the weeds and algae; however, a pond dye will help slow down weed and algae growth.

We do recommend dying your pond in the spring to help reduce weed growth. This will significantly filter the amount of sunlight that gets to the underwater plants and algae, effectively slowing their growth and limiting the amount of regrowth you’ll experience throughout the season.

Pond dyes are best used in conjunction with herbicide and algaecide applications. The concentrates are easy to use. Pour the correct dose into the pond at one or more locations. Natural water movement will disperse the dye within a few hours throughout the pond. All dyes are food-grade, which means that they will pose no threat to wildlife (fish or otherwise) if the dyed water is consumed. This means there are no restrictions on swimming, fishing, irrigation, or livestock watering when using a pond dye.

Our Sapphire Bay Blue Pond Dye contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes to block out specific light rays that are critical to photosynthesis. It will leave your water a natural, pleasing blue color. Continue to use a pond dye throughout the summer to keep your pond looking great!

Loch Ness Black Pond Dye is great to use in the fall months because it will filter a significant amount of the sunlight from reaching the underwater weeds and algae. This substantially slows the regrowth of aquatic nuisances, leading to less growth the following spring. This black dye will give your pond a bottomless and reflective appearance.

Keep your pond, lake, or water feature looking its best with a Pond Dye. To enhance the overall health of your pond and reduce the amount of regrowth, we recommend using our PONDRestore® Ultra kit. You will be able to eliminate floating and submerged weeds, reduce the nutrients with SparKlear®, clear up remaining algae with Mizzen™, reduce phosphorus levels with our PhosControl® and diminish weed growth with our Sapphire Bay® Blue Pond Dye.