Is your pond ready for Spring?

The birds are chirping, the snow is finally melting and the temperatures are rising. Your pond is starting to wake up because spring is finally here! Do you need to clean your pond out? The best time for pond management is in the spring time before the water temperature creeps above 55°F. In April the water temperature is normally lower at this time and the weeds are just starting to grow.

Clean out debris—You want to get as many leaves and twigs out of your pond. Using a skimmer or large net will be helpful for cleaning out large materials or particles that have not settled to the bottom of the pond over the fall and winter.

Inspect your equipment — Did something get damaged over the fall/winter months? If you have a fountain, aerator, or pond pump…now would be a good time to inspect them and clean them out thoroughly. Replace any broken parts before you put them back in the pond.

Take a walk—Walk around the pond area and remove solid waste (by hand), re-arrange rocks that may have fallen over the winter months. Keep the edge of your pond tidy, this will make a perfect habitat for frogs.

Get ahead of the weeds with a pond treatment—We recommend using our PONDRestore® Ultra Kit to stop the weeds before they start growing and to establish a balance with the good bacteria that is in your pond.

Fluridone will control floating plants (like duckweed) and nearly all submerged pond weed varieties. It is going to stay suspended longing in the water giving you more control. It will help stop the weeds before they appear.

Our SparKlear® pellets are going to reduce the nutrients that enable weed and algae growth and promote the health of your pond. PhosControl® will help clarify the water and reduce the phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is the main source of food for algae, and algae cannot survive without phosphorus.

As the temperatures start to rise, algae blooms can appear every 2-3 weeks. Mizzen® is a copper based pond algaecide that easily controls filamentous algae and is user friendly.

Using a pond dye like Sapphire Bay® will not only leave your pond a pleasing blue color, but it will also block out specific light rays to deter weed and algae growth.

With a little work and some patience, your pond will be ready for the summer months ahead. Rejuvenate your pond with a Spring Clean and our PONDRestore® Ultra Kit.