Pond Dredging is a Last Resort — Try Weed Control and Management First

Pond dredging is complicated and expensive. Clearing a small pond can cost several thousand dollars while a larger one could cost you over $10,000. Hard to believe? Here are some things to consider in the cost: rental of the machinery, the necessary expert contractor to operate it, and the planning and costs of weed and muck disposal. It is possible that a pricey permit in your area will be required as well.

Aquatic plants are beneficial to fish and wildlife by providing food and creating oxygen, even helping detoxify chemicals that get into your water. However, when growth becomes too dense, water plants and algae can threaten other aquatic life and can inhibit or prevent water recreation. Too much growth can also lead to decomposing water weeds that can deplete the oxygen supply, resulting in sport fish dying from suffocation and diminishing populations.

In some cases when nuisance pond weed growth has gotten out of control, expensive and complicated pond dredging is the only answer, but there are many easy and affordable options you can explore before reaching that point.

For removing pesky pond weeds in smaller and hard to reach areas, we recommend the use of the Weed Razer Pro. This easy to maneuver pond weed cutter has a unique and adjustable blade that can reach from 12”- 62”.

Another option is the Midwest Rake Aquatic Weed Eradicator. It has a sturdy 28” blade that is excellent for controlling lake and pond weeds by cutting from both the top and the bottom, going deep into the muck to remove weeds at their source.

It is our feeling at Lake Restoration that choosing a complete, low-hassle, and easy solution like the LAKEMAID® is a great mechanical alternative to dredging. It is cost-effective and easy to use as it sits on top of the water and drags weed-removing rakes on the ground below. Check out our video to see how easy it is to use.

Remember, complicated and expensive removal of pesky pond weeds through dredging is a last resort only! Take care of your nuisance plant problems before they take over your pond, and please contact us at Lake Restoration with any questions.