String Algae Control is Vital to the Health of your Pond

Spirogyra, a.k.a. string algae, is an aquatic plant comprised of cylindrical cells that form long, thin, green filaments that can look like hair floating in the water of your lake, pond, or water feature. It is quite common to find this algae in fresh water and it tends to grow in large, slimy masses. In the spring, spirogyra are only found underwater but as the water warms, the plant produces large amounts of oxygen, which becomes trapped in the algae’s hair-like masses and helps to raise the algae to the water’s surface. It then attaches itself to rocks or other solid parts of a water feature or pond, resulting in a string algae control problem.

Spirogrya proliferate under the right conditions and can quickly become an unmanageable infestation that deplete a pond of vital oxygen, leading to the strangulation of ornamental plants and fish. It is important to the health of your pond’s plants and animals that string algae control be at the top of your list of priorities.

There are a couple of different ways to deal with your string algae control problem. Some pond owners pull algae out by hand, while others wrap the algae around the head of a brush and pull it out (a toilet brush is usually adequate). These are effective methods, yet temporary, as manual removal will release spores into the water that will likely aid in its proliferation. For best results, you will want to treat your water with an algaecide such as Mizzen even if you choose to manually remove string algae by hand.

More information about the right time to start your string algae treatment is available on our algae control page. Lake Restoration staff is always here to answer your questions about this or any other invasive aquatic plant issue so please contact us with any questions you may have.