Control Water Lily, Lily Pad

Many people ask how to kill Lily Pads or how to get rid of Lily Pads in a lake. The best herbicide for water lilies is Imox herbicide paired with a Surfactant.

Manual/Mechanical Control:

Physically pulling water lilies and digging up the roots can be an effective method of control, but the lily pads can regrow from any remaining roots or seeds.

Herbicide Control:

  1. Imox herbicide (with Surfactant) – together called our Cattail and Water Lily Control – liquids that you mix together with water in a sprayer and spray on mature Lilies. The Imox is absorbed through the leaves and translocates to the roots to kill both the plants and the roots.
  2. Navigate 2, 4-D – granules that you broadcast over Lily Pads that have not yet emerged from the surface. The 2, 4-D will kill the plants but not the roots.
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