Watershield (Dollar Bonnet)

Control Water Shield

Manual/Mechanical Control:

Physically raking and pulling up the roots of Water Shield can be a somewhat successful Water Shield control, but it can re-establish from any remaining seeds or rhizomes.

Herbicide Control:

  1. Liquid 2, 4-D – liquid that you dilute with water in a sprayer. This offers the best control.
  2. Imox herbicide and Surfactant (our Cattail and Water Lily Control) –  liquids that you mix together with water in a sprayer. Thoroughly wetting the plants in late summer or early fall is the most practical time to treat. This is when water shield plants are directing their energies to the root system, which helps pull the herbicide down to the roots to kill both those and the vegetative portions.
  3. Spritflo (for ponds with no outflow) – liquid that is poured into the water and spreads throughout the entire body of water, offers extended control.
  4. Semera or Flumigard (and Surfactant) – granules that are dissolved in water or liquid that is diluted, either are sprayed (early morning is best) over the plants, fast-acting.
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