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Goose D-Fence® System
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Goose D-Fence® System

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Geese require easy access to food and drink of water every 30 minutes.  Goose D-Fence® can eliminate that access and the geese will move onto other sites that better suit them. 

Each Goose D-Fence® includes  the patented retractable system and post with a stainless steel receptacle and one additional post.  It covers 250 feet with a typical two line set-up.  Additional posts are available to purchase to accommodate your individual needs.
  • Retractable convenience
  • Proven goose deterrent
  • Simple 10 minute install or removal
  • Inconspicuous and attractive

The Goose D-Fence® is a specially engineered, retractable fence that can keep unwanted geese off your property. Install or remove in less than 10 minutes. 

By installing the Goose D-Fence® close to the water line, you're eliminating their access, and the geese will move on to other locations which better suit them.

Each Goose D-Fence System includes:

  • 1 retractable system and post with receptacle
  • 1 additional post

There is 500 feet of line on the retractable system; you can span up to 250 feet with a typical two line set-up.  Acquire an additional post for each 50 to 60 feet you are spanning; additional posts are recommended in order to create corners or accommodate curves or slopes.

Customer Testimonials

Bill from Massachusetts:
"I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your Goose D-Fence System®. I live on a lake and I had just put down fresh sod. The geese thought it was a buffet and I quickly had a terrible mess on my hands. I tried one of those liquid goose repellents and not only did it not work, but it made the neighborhood smell like sour grapes. I took a chance with the Goose D-Fence and I haven't had a goose on my lawn since. It was fast and easy to put up. It's not an eye sore at all; the line is barely visible, and it retracts with ease. Thanks for saving my yard!"

Norm from Wayzata:
"The Goose D-Fence® works great! Incredibly easy to install, takes less than 15 minutes to do 100 feet of shoreline. It's very effective - no geese since putting it up. I am a very happy customer."

Bill from Excelsior:"The Goose D-Fence® works great. I'm happy that I have it. We've had no geese in the yard since putting it up. Couple of days ago a few geese showed up - looked at it and left. Great Product."

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Past Reviews/Comments:

  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - The fence has worked well for several weeks and no geece in the yard. However, today there were some geece and they just breezed right through the wires. I need to add a third line to stop them but do not know how to order the pole hooks for the line. (7/16/2016 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - This product works! It works very well on our pond. Several neighbors use this system and none of us have a goose problem. The line is thin and difficult to see. I use the small flags used in dog training or underground pipe indicators when contractors and grandchildren are around. (8/16/2015 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I'm amazed at how well this product works. Fast shipping, easy to use, visually unobtrusive, I couldn't be happier! It's as if I have a dome over my shoreline now. The geese have been bad this year with a group at times as large as 50 birds. For the past month i was spending over an hour every evening with a garden hose trying to clean up after them. Within hours of installing, I watched a large flock approach, make several attempts only to turn and leave. It has been a couple of weeks now of goose free lakefront living, thank you! I used two of the fences with one additional pole for my application. Highly recommend this product! I enjoy watching the geese again because they stay on the lake and not on my property. (7/21/2015 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I have been fighting geese for the last couple of years. When you live on a lake, you learn to disdain these creatures from the droppings they leave and the impact of bacteria they leave on your beach. Kids love to play on the beach and with the goose droppings, it can potentially make them ill, let alone smelling like a cow field. We will have 30+ geese swim and lay their big butts on our grass/sand. When I put this up along the water front at the water edge and along part of the yard, the geese arrived at 5:45am sharp and looked confused. They saw the line and sat in the water wondering what they should do. To my joy, they all turned around and went else where....thank you Goose D-Fence! My neighbor came over and he said he would buy one immediately! The two line is a huge different versus any flashy streamers or fake animals..ive tried lots of things! highly recommend! (6/18/2015 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I installed the Goose D-Fence system with 7 additional posts, and I used all the posts within a 65 yard distance along my St. Lawrence riverfront property. Unfortunately the geese went right through the thin wire, which broke within 3 days. I do love the posts, which I now use to hold up the plastic fencing I bought at the local garden store. (6/18/2015 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I received and installed the fencing system last evening. This morning a flock of geese attempted to access my property and quickly gave up and turned away when they encountered the fence. Works exactly as advertised and definitely made my day. Thanks for a great product! (6/13/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind and saving my yard! We were having 12-18 Geese visit our river shore front property each day and they were messing it up terribly. We installed your Goose Fence and they have not been on our property since! Most of them have left the area, however, there are some left that go on our neighbors property but not ours! It is a strong and sturdy system too ... we actually had a tornado hit here last month. A tree fell on the 2 wires and although the bottom one snapped, the top one is still in tact and the Geese continue to stay away! Your Goose D-Fence System has reduced my stress and brought back peace to my world - thank you! .... Written by Sheri, A Completely Satisfied Customer in Elizabeth City, NC (5/23/2014 7:34:02 AM)

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