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MuckMaid® is an effective pond and lake muck removal solution that will make your water crystal clear with a nice sandy bottom.

  • Great results in just a few weeks
  • Easy to apply
  • No swimming or fishing restrictions

MuckMaid's® bacteria and enzymes consume organic matter, resulting in effective pond and lake muck removal in just weeks! MuckMaid® will leave you with clear water and and a firm sandy bottom to enjoy.

MuckMaid® is also easy to apply. Simply broadcast the pellets over the area you want clear to gain complete aquatic muck control. There are no restrictions for swimming, fishing, or other water use following application.

If your order total is: Shipping is:
Up to $40 $9
$40.01 to $125 $12
$125.01 to $200 $15
$200.01 to $300 $19
$300.01 to $500
Over $500 $39

Items heavier than 30 pounds may incur additional shipping charges.

Orders are usually shipped within one day by a ground carrier.

Canada Shipping:  Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment enter Canada.  For more information on shipping items to Canada, please see our Shipping Information page.

International shipping available. Please contact us 1-877-428-8898 if you live outside of the United States or Canada.


Past Reviews/Comments:

  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I have used several top Muck removal products for 10 years. Muck products are always expensive for some reason - my only complaint. Prices are really the same for pond sizes with different competing products. However, MuckMaid used starting just last season, has made it possible to see sand at the bottom of the pond in lots of areas! It does take more product to cover more area - would like to spend $85 but doesn't cover what it says it will. $150 is a lot considering we also get 3 or 4 other products. Only reason I gave it 4 star and not 5 (price too high for volume). BUT - the results absolutely, 100% work! I can't tell you how hard I've worked on our 1/4 acre natural pond for years. With 3 foot long Koi and albino catfish up to 42" - it's a joy to see them swim under the surface, instead of just seeing their mouth at feeding time (used to be so dark / murky). If they'd charge $85 for the $149 volume size, that would be fair and helpful. (10/27/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I got my second order of the Muck Maid today. Super service. I will keep adding to our lake area once a month. I can see a improvement with the muck. It may take several years as the muck is several feet deep in some areas. We had a saw mill on our lake in the late 1800. 1888 - 1903. A lot of weed growth and many oak a maple leaves are the bottom. I can however now see sand out 3 to 4 foot depths. The Muck Maid is working. This is the only product that is getting rid of the Muck. Thanks Dale (7/9/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - Don't know if this will make the website or not but there is no way this small bucket covers 20,000 square feet. I have approx. 8,000 ft total and I barely did the shore lines. Who cares if it works at this price $149.00) I see others sell the same thing at Amazon for 25# I will probably do that next time. (6/27/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - This product is amazing! My kids wouldn't swim at our family cabin because the beach area had so much muck. After using this product, we got rid of 6+ inches of gunk and my kiddos love playing in the water again. (6/3/2014 12:00:00 AM)

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