Aquatic Plants

To help you identify what aquatic plants you have in your lake or pond, we have created the tools below. If you have a good close-up photo of your plant, our Reverse Image Search does the work for you. Simply upload your photo using the submission box below. Otherwise, consult our Aquatic Plant Digital Field Guide to determine what plant(s) you have based on observable characteristics.

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Water Color/Quality

A stick coming out of a pond covered in filamentous algae.

Filamentous Algae

string algae, pond scum, water net, frog spittle, moss
Blue green algae swirling across pond.

Blue Green Algae

Red algae all over in water.

Red Algae

red tide
Planktonic algae around a boat.

Planktonic Algae

Chara algae close up on top of water

Chara Algae

Cyanobacteria in water and on rocks on shore.


toxic algae
Many groups of Nitella in water with leaves and a stick.