(Egeria densa)


Egeria is a submerged plant with three to six leaves per whorl and no midrib teeth.


Egeria has dark green, lance-like leaves that are in whorls of four to six (lower leaves are in whorls of three) which become more dense near the tip of the stem. Slender stems are straight and branching, usually a foot or two tall but can be much taller. The plant can be rooted to the bottom or floating if broken off. Flower stalks rise above the water about an inch. The flowers have three white petals up to three-quarts of an inch across.

Egeria is often confused with Hydrilla or Elodea. Egeria leaves do not have midrib teeth like Hydrilla. Leaves of Egeria are in whorls of four to six vs. Elodea leaves are in whorls of three. Egeria flowers are larger than Hydrilla’s.


Egeria can be found in the lower two-thirds of the United States plus along the coastal states.