Floating Primrose

Other Common Names: creeping water primrose, large flower primrose willow

(Ludwigia peploides)


Floating primrose’s leaves emerge from the water’s surface and the plant blooms with five petal yellow flowers.


Floating primrose leaves are green, one half to three and a half inches long, and one-fourth to one and a half inches wide. The leaf stalk can be as long as the leaf is wide. Yellow flowers have five round petals around a yellow center. Primrose is a perennial plant with yellow flowers that blooms spring to fall; some varieties have hairy stems. Stems branch and can grow to two feet tall.

There are many types of primrose; some grow in dry conditions, and some grow in wetter areas. Floating primrose is not native but there are other types of primrose that are native. The leaves are often sword or elliptical shaped. Floating primrose floats as mats on the surface of the water.


Floating Primrose can be found across the lower two-thirds of the United States.