Reed Canarygrass

Other Common Names:

(Phalaris arundinacea)


Reed canarygrass has tall round stems with alternate leaves that are tapered. Straw colored seed heads grow at the tops of the stems.


Bluish green stems of reed canarygrass grow in clumps up to nine feet tall and have straw colored seed heads at the tops. Green leaves are flat, rough, and taper at the tip. They grow one to four feet long and three-fourths of an inch to one inch wide. Tiny flowers grow in dense groups and range in color from greenish white to pinkish. The colors atop reed canarygrass change as the seeds mature from green to purplish to tan.


Reed canarygrass has a denser seed head and is much shorter than similar plants like the common reed and giant reed.


Reed canarygrass can be found across the northern half of the United States.


seeds, rhizomes