Water Pennyworts

Other Common Names:

(Hydrocotyle spp.)


Water pennyworts have long thin stems, long thin leaf stalks, and leathery bright green leaves that are mostly circular with frilly edges.


Long, creeping stems can grow many feet long and are threadlike. Leaf stalks are long and have circular shaped leaves that are attached in the center. Some types of pennywort leaves have a notch almost to the center. Leaves have frilly edges, are bright green, and leathery. They can have eight to 13 lobes. Leaves are often about one and a quarter inches in diameter but can vary with the specific type of pennywort. Flower stalks grow more than six and a half inches tall with two to seven spikelets. Flowers are all attached at the same point and are typically white or greenish.


Pennyworts can form dense mats and crowd out other native plants.


Pennyworts can be found mainly in the coastal states of the United States.


seeds, roots