White Stem Pondweed

Other Common Names:

(Potamogeton praelongus)


White stem pondweed has a zig zag stem that is sparingly branched. Alternately arranged wavy green leaves have a yellow midvein and no floating leaves.


White stem pondweed has a zig zag stem that is thin and sparingly branched. Wavy green leaves are alternately arranged, translucent, two to 11 inches long, and one half to nearly two inches wide. They often have a yellow midvein with multiple lateral veins prominent as well. No floating leaves are produced. There are white stipules at the base of the leaves. Commonly found in lakes and streams, white stem pondweed grows in clear, deep water. It tends to grow in more basic (not acidic) waters. The seeds require a cold period to promote germination.


White stem pondweed can be found across the northern half of the United States.


creeping rhizomes, seeds