How to Control Floating Weeds

The most common floating aquatic weeds are Duckweed and Watermeal. Floating plants are not rooted to the bottom, although some may take hold of the ground with modified leaves or stems resembling roots. These plants are easy to pull out since they do not bear true roots.

Manual/ Mechanical Control:

Floating plants can be effectively removed manually or mechanically if every plant is pulled out. New growth can occur from seeds that have dropped to the bottom or regrowth from fragments left behind.

Herbicide Control:

There are a variety of broad-spectrum herbicides, and the exact treatment recommended will depend on the target species and the body of water to be treated. Keep scrolling to see our recommended products.

Common Weeds

Duckweed up close in hand with roots
Watermeal bright green on fingers extreme close up
Water hyacinth bright green with flower in water
Water Hyacinth
Water lettuce bright green in group close up
Water Lettuce

Recommended Products