Control Pond Algae

Algae control in ponds is one of the main concerns for pond owners. Algae is a normal part of a water ecosystem. When algae overgrows rapidly, it can cause aesthetic problems with the look and smell of the pond and even become dangerous. Pond algae control is important to keep your pond healthy.

Manual/Mechanical Control:

Physically raking out the pond algae can be an effective method of algae control in ponds. However, this process is very labor intensive and generally only a feasible option for smaller ponds. Pond algae can bloom often, especially during the warmer months. Manual removal can be necessary as often as multiple times per week.

Algaecide Control:

EPA registered algaecides can be applied to water to directly kill algae growth in ponds. Copper algaecides are generally the most cost-effective and best algae control. Copper algaecides are not recommended in ponds with trout, koi, or channel catfish. Other effective pond algae control products use sodium percarbonate. These algaecides work by oxidation, breaking down algae cells on contact.

Copper Algaecides:
  1. Mizzen – liquid that is diluted with water and sprayed over where the algae are. Fast-acting. Re-apply when algae bloom again.
  2. Copper sulfate – crystals that are broadcast over where the algae are. Fast-acting. Re-apply when algae bloom again.
  3. Cutrine Plus– liquid copper algaecide, same active ingredient as Mizzen.
  4. Cutrine Plus Granular – Granular copper complex for algae control. Broadcast over where the algae are.
Sodium Percarbonate Algaecides:
  1. Cape Furl – Granular (almost a powder) algae control that works on contact, immediately showing effects. This algaecide is safe for all fish.
  2. Green Clean – Same active ingredient as Cape Furl.

Prevent Algae Growth:

There are no products available that can completely prevent algae growth. Directly managing nuisance pond algae growth through regular pond algae treatment or removal efforts will always be important for pond algae control. However, you can work to limit algae growth by reducing the nutrients that algae needs to grow. Phosphorus is the main nutrient for algae growth: 1 pound of phosphorus in the water can support 500 pounds of algae growth. Removing free-phosphorus from the water is a proactive effort for pond algae reduction:

  1. PhosControl – Binds to the free-phosphorus in the water, making it unavailable to algae. Best used when there is minimal plant and algae growth in the water. Apply as a granular, spreading evenly over the surface of the water. Or make a slurry by agitating it in water and spraying through a wide nozzle, or splashing out over the surface of the water from a bucket.

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