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The LAKEMAID® is a lightweight lake weed and muck removal machine unlike other removal tools and cutters. Easy to install and easy to move, the LAKEMAID® sits on top of the water and effectively removes pond and lake weeds near docks and in swimming areas by dragging weed-removing rakes across the lake bottom.

  • Great results in just 24 hours!
  • A safe lake weed removal machine
  • Removes muck and silt
  • Restores beaches by cutting through weeds to get to clean and sandy lake bottoms

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The LAKEMAID® was tested by the San Francisco Estuary Institute on the San Joaquin River Delta.  Their report states, "plant biomass went down to almost zero at the end of the 10 day study period."  They went on to state, "The LAKEMAID® can be cost-effective for treating very small areas of plant infestations."  Click here to read the full article.

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The LAKEMAID® is the ultimate automatic pond weed removal machine. It consists of a long floating arm propelled by a submerged pump that drags weed-removing rakes across the lake bottom. This repetitive sweeping action eliminates lake weeds quickly and safely. Not only is the LAKEMAID® tool an amazing machine for lake weed removal, it's also perfect for preventing the build-up of silt.

Choose from a 12, 24 or 36 foot system. You can request a free brochure about the LAKEMAID®.

Manufactured by Lake Restoration, Inc.

Made in the U.S.A.

U.S.A. Patent #7,000,372

What our customers are saying about the LAKEMAID®:

"We purchased the LAKEMAID® and have been pleased with the results.  We are now enjoying more of the sand bottom in the lake." - Shirley from MN

"We found the LAKEMAID® to be an excellent solution to our lake weed problem!" - Dave from White Bear Lake, MN

"In general, the LAKEMAID® lake sweeper proved to be a successful, cost-effective, low maintenance plant control method for small areas." - Nicole from the San Francisco Estuary Institute Oakland, CA

"We saw results within 24 hours." - Rick from Detroit Lake, MN

"A quick removal of weeds making for a desirable place for the kids to play." (Referring to the LAKEMAID®) - Carl from Medicine Lake

"The LAKEMAID® performed as described. After 5 days of operation, weeds that could be seen above water were gone and lake bottom was visible."  - Emily from Lake Roosevelt

"The LAKEMAID® works wonders.  If it cleans up our lake, it will clean up any lake.  We're seeing white sand." -Customer from Mahtomedi, MN

More Information about the LAKEMAID®
Click here to view the LAKEMAID® sizing chart.

Emergent Plants Information
Cattail Information and Control
Water Lily Information and Control

Article PDF

Evaluating Impacts of Lake Maid™ Plant Control. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, 44.
Nicole, San Francisco Estuary Institute, David, N. & Greenfield, B. & Siemering, G., (2006)

LAKEMAID® - The Ultimate Lake Weed and Muck Removal Machine

Lake Restoration ships the LAKEMAID® for a flat fee of $69.

Orders are usually shipped within one day by a ground carrier.

Canada Shipping:  Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment enter Canada.  For more information on shipping items to Canada, please see our Shipping Information page.

International shipping available. Please contact us 1-877-428-8898 if you live outside of the United States or Canada.


Past Reviews/Comments:

  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - It is such a pleasure to swim enjoying the nice sandy bottom of the lake vs. prior to having the Lakemaid we had to swim in the weeds! The equipment is not difficult to install and once that is completed, we can forget it and just watch the efficiency of the Lakemaid. I especially like the free standing unit and not having it attached to the dock. The equipment is not heavy for installation and also stores nice for the winter. (6/6/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - I am excited to write a review about Lake Restoration. In the past I have purchased the Lake Maid which I enjoyed thoroughly, also I have bought many supplies for my pond and my lake shore. They always seem to be very educated on their products and more than willing to help you with any questions you might have. - Mark from St. Cloud, MN (6/3/2014 12:00:00 AM)
  • Rating imageRating imageRating imageRating imageRating image - We were really excited to try this product. So... the unit twisted up no matter what you did, making the cord cover way too short. It got blown in no matter how heavy you made the anchor. When it hit weeds, even with the chains shortened, it stopped turning (& if it's on a slope, the chains are either too long or too short). The finishing chains gouge deep channels, in our case merely moving the silt over a bit. The connections corroded after a couple of weeks, making it very difficult to get apart or together. We got the larger one- it was quite expensive & has been just sitting in our back yard for the last 2 years- we so wish we had not gone this route!! (5/30/2014 12:00:00 AM)

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