American Lotus

Other Common Names:

(Nelumbo lutea)


American lotus has huge round green leaves that may be cupped above the water slightly and yellow flowers with a cone shaped seed pod in the center.


American lotus stems are typically rooted in the muddy bottom of a lake or pond as deep as six feet. Leaves float on or stand above the water and can be as large as two feet across. Leaves can be cupped, are completely round, and attached in the center of the stem, unlike water lily leaves that have a notch where they are attached. Flowers are pale yellow, one per plant, and grow up to 10 inches wide with many petals. American lotus flowers bloom June through September; they open each morning and close by late afternoon. The center of each flower has a cone shaped seed pod that has a flat top. There are many brown seeds in the pod.


American lotus can be found from Minnesota to Texas all the way to Florida and up to Maine, plus California.


seeds, rhizomes