American lotus in group with buds and flowers.

Control American Lotus

Many people ask how to get rid of American lotus. The following options can be considered for how to control American lotus.


Manual/Mechanical Control:

If you are considering how to remove American lotus, physically cutting this plant and digging up the roots can be a somewhat effective method of control. However, physical control can be difficult. American lotus can re-grow from any seeds or rhizomes remaining in the water.


Herbicide Control:

There are multiple options for how to kill American lotus that offer great control.

  1. Spritflo (for ponds with no outflow) – liquid that is poured and spreads throughout the entire body of water, offers extended control.
  2. Liquid 2, 4-D (for ponds or lakes) – liquid that is diluted with water and sprayed over the plants. Most effective on treatment areas larger than a half-acre, this allows longer contact exposure time.


Treatment Tips:

When treating American lotus,

  • With 2, 4-D, treat when the plants are established and actively growing.
  • Spritflo can be used at the first signs of growth.
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