Lake Shore Management – The Essentials

One common problem among all lake shore owners is that of weed management. Not only can the aquatic weeds clog up and potentially damage a boat’s motor, but quite frequently they are an unpleasant sight and a nuisance in any swimming area. Also, the build-up of algae (ie “pond scum”) can lead to a foul smelling environment…
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Lake Shore Weed Control & Removal — The Essentials

There are many species of lake weeds that can overtake a lake shore. Some of the more common lake weeds that grow below water (submerged) include: hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, curlyleaf pondweed, elodea and many others. Submerged lake weeds may grow to the surface and interfere with swimming, fishing, boating, and the visual enjoyment of the…
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Aquatic Weed Management — Lake Restoration’s Role in Preserving Ponds & Lakes

Aquatic weed management can be a challenging job once invasive aquatic plants gain a foothold. But there are a variety of safe, cost-effective products and services on the market today that can help communities preserve their most important assets. One of the biggest problems facing lakes in the Upper Midwest is the invasion of Eurasian…
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