Goose Deterrent D-Fence Keeps Waterfront Properties Goose-Free

Due to abundant habitat, high reproductive rate, a long life-span as well as low mortality due to minimal predation and hunting we have seen a dramatic increase in the population of geese around residential and lake home areas. As much as some people love to see these proud birds return as a sign of fairer weather to come, geese can take over our outdoor areas and make quite a mess of them. In many cases a goose deterrent is the answer.

Part of a goose’s habitat requirement is the ability to have their feeding sites (short grass found in lawns, parks and golf courses) have open access to lakes and marshes allowing them to retreat to avoid danger. If a barrier is in place preventing geese from reaching the water on your yard or property they will move on in search of a more desirable home.

According to the Minnesota DNR using barrier fencing as a goose deterrent is a very effective method of protecting your yard from the yearly goose invasion. It is recommended that this physical barrier be placed between the water and the area, your yard for example, that is to be protected from the geese’s presence.

Lake Restoration’s Goose D-Fence is a specially engineered retractible fence that serves as a goose deterrent and keeps unwanted geese off of your property. It is virtually invisible and you can retract it quickly and easily when ready to play, mow or entertain. Putting our D-fence up early in the year when geese are looking for their nesting properties will also help keep them off for the entire year since by the month of May both parent and gosling are unable to fly. Use our D-Fence early and you will have a more pleasant summer without fighting with geese for the use of your yard!